Find IT!

A funny little story that I just had to share. My two year old has always been really good about NOT shoving toys where they don’t belong (ears, nose, etc.) but yesterday we had our first encounter with that problem.

The girls have little dolls called Polly Pockets. They are probably for a little bit older kids, but the girls have been very responsible, and good with that sort of thing. Well, until now that is.

You see, Claire decided that one of the shoes needed to be hidden in her nose. Maybe to hide it from her sister, who knows. But the exchange with my wife went like this:

Wife: Okay honey, what about Polly Pockets?
Wife: What about her shoe Claire?
Wife: Uh Oh

You see, Claire is our little Emergency Room princess. She’s been there on I think three occassions already and she’s only two years old. My wife figured that this would be ER visit number four. So anyway, she gets Claire to lay down, and Claire is COMPLETELY still. If you knew Claire, you would be amazed, because she is NEVER still. Anyway, the wife gets the tweezers and proceeds to go spelunking in my childs nostril. Before she could do too much, Claire grabbed her hand, looked my wife right in the eye in the most ernest way she could and said:


And luckily Jen did find it. As she relayed the story to me when I got home, I laughed like you wouldn’t believe. The mental picture I had of my two year old saying "Find It" like it was the most important thing in the world just is too funny. Luckily she didn’t get hurt, and she learned the lesson that you shouldn’t be sticking stuff up your nose. 🙂

Any of you folks have similiar stories to tell?