So what are we gonna jam to?

Hey folks, since this year’s Lotusphere is incorporating an Advisor-style Jam Session, I was wondering what songs people know. I can’t play, I can only sing (and dubiously at that.) But, I figured if a bunch of us could agree on certain tunes, we would be ready to play them at the Jam. I know that Ben Poole and Julian both play bass, and Bruce is a drummer… how about some guitarists?

Two songs that I can get on stage and sing without a problem are:

Hard To Handle – Black Crowes *
Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes

If pressed, I can probably do Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison too. Other than that, you’ll probably see me on background vocals. Mic in one hand, Drink in the other! How about anyone else?

* Yes, I know that Hard to Handle is a cover song, but I would do it Crowes style 🙂