Praise and Dings for Lotus

I just started upgrading our servers to Domino 7 (and Sametime 7) and they have all gone off without a hitch. Super-easy and in place with no real prep necessary. This is great and all, and a stark contrast to what I went through while ripping and replacing upgrading Exchange at my prior gig. I’ll be doing a few more servers tomorrow night, and then a few more next week and I’ll be done. All done remotely from my cozy little Chicago office.

So, while I applaud Lotus for a great upgrade, I have to ding them for one thing. WHERE is the “Upgrading to Domino 7” Redbook? It’s still not out, and that should have been available before the damn product was even released in my opinion. I was fine because I’ve been running Dom 7 (in production) since beta 3, so I know the ins and outs already, but not everyone has that luxury. I just find it weird that the redbook that people have followed like a bible on upgrades doesn’t exist right now.

Anyone know why?

EDIT: Ed just posted that it is now finally available. Only about 3 months after launch? 🙂 Thanks for the tip Bruce.

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