Blog has been having major issues

Don’t know if it’s my provider or not, but the blog has been corrupting badly the last couple of days. I noticed on Wed. night that the blog was only showing the center block, and none of the sides or logos. It also couldn’t connect to documents via perma-links or anything. Reeked of DB corruption…

So, yesterday I replaced the design of my template with the latest and greatest Blogsphere has to offer. Looks great. Everything was good all day long, and then this morning I get emails from a couple people saying the blog is coming up 404. Grrr… Yup, can’t hit it via the browser, so I fire up Notes, and I cannot even open it up via Notes. It’s hella hosed. So luckily I had a replica on my HD. Uploded it, and now things are well.

Here’s hoping we don’t crash and burn again tonight.