Birthday Redux

The whole weekend just kinda sucked ass. You see, I figured out on Friday that I would be working on my birthday. Bad enough, but something I actually volunteered to do. Then the Dolphins play like total crap on Friday night, and lose. Okay fine. Then I work on four hours of sleep, and then a couple hours after I get home, my parents arrive. My youngest isn’t feeling well either. Not a good sign.

So anyway, my parents show up, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, my father has this huge need to fix my garage roof. Now it DOES need fixing, but I had called my Dad two days earlier to make it clear to him that I wasn’t going to do it this weekend. One of the main reasons is that it was supposed to be raining with a high temp of 50 degrees. Another was, oh I don’t know, that it was my birthday, and ripping out rotting wood and tarring a roof don’t rank high on my list of birthday festivities.

So anyway, Dad is determined to fix the roof pretty much whether I want to or not. I’m 35 and feel 5 again. Anyway, rather than get in a fight, I just go with it. We head to HomeDepot and buy the necessary supplies, head back to the house and spend the majority of the day fixing the roof. We had planned to go out to eat, but the youngest was not feeling up to it, so we order in. Later that evening I fall asleep on the couch during the World Series.

Next morning we get up and the youngest has got a fever, but we’ve been keeping it under control. But, once again, where we had planned on going out to a nice brunch, we went and brought stuff in. Then of course a day cannot go by without my father needing to fix something that I’ve woefully neglected, so we put leaf guards on my gutters after cleaning them out. We get done and head in. Normally around noon we eat lunch and my parents say goodbye. Not today.

You see, the youngest has had her fever start to rise, and now it’s over 104 degrees. We call the docs office and they say to take her into the emergency room. The youngest really is NOT herself… seems really out of it. So we leave my parents watching the eldest and take off for the emergency room. Before we leave, Jen takes the youngest’s temperature one more time. 106.3. Jen panics a tad.

We get to the emergency room and go through all the paperwork, then they have to take the youngest’s temp (and not the easy way mind you) then they have to take blood (where her veins collapse repeatedly) and they have to take urine (with a catheter.) Fun day for her too.

Anyway, after tests and much waiting, we find that she simply has a bladder infection. So we high-tail it back to the house. By then the youngest is feeling better, so that’s good. It’s about 43 degrees and raining. Wonderous. We bid my parents adieu secure in the fact that I can finally put the fucking hammer and screwgun away…

The rest of the evening goes fine, except for the fact that I’m getting my ass kicked in fantasy football (in both leagues nonetheless.) Oh, and did I mention I have traffic court tomorrow, so I’m getting up at 4AM again to work flex hours so I can make it to court?

Best birthday ever!