Face Down in Cabo

For those of you that didn’t know, I was actually out-of-town all last week. The wife and I took a vacation to celebrate our ten year anniversary (that happened in June) and we travelled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Let me tell you, it was wonderful.

Three other couples that we knew went at the same time (and everyone that had kids, left them at home), and one of those couples was on their honeymoon. It was a really great trip, for a variety of reasons.

The Weather, the ocean, the company, the relaxation, the cuban cigars, the near lack of technology, the food and the alcohol all made for a stellar time.

We chose that week in October because it happens to be the week of Sammy Hagar’s birthday bash. You see, Sammy has his own club, the Cabo Wabo Cantina, along with his own brand of tequila, and every year during his birthday, he plays these amazing shows to a very small audience in a very intimate setting. So our plan was to see Sammy during the week. It didn’t happen. I’ll explain why in a later post.

I won’t go into full details on everything right now, but these are points I plan on hitting:

  • Waiting over 5 hours for tickets to see Sammy, only for them to run out.
  • Enjoying the all-inclusive RIU Palace resort
  • Getting my wife to finally relax
  • Montezuma’s revenge, and why Tim will never travel with me again
  • Snorkeling and Parasailing in beautiful Cabo

That should about do it. For those that are so inclined, here is the photographic evidence. There are a couple shots in there that I’m very proud of.