The right guy won

I am a reality TV whore, I admit it. I watch everything from Survivor to the Surreal Life. But, there has been a contest all summer that I especially kept my eye on. It was Rockstar:INXS.

Basically, INXS was auditioning someone to be the new lead singer of their band. From early on, I wanted JD Fortune to win, and last night he did.

He deserved it. He may not have been the best overall vocalist, but his edge, coupled with the ability to really work a crowd, made him the best choice. Also, he could sing the old INXS tunes dead on.

INXS holds a special place in my heart when it comes to music. I’ve always loved their stuff, and, even though it may be too much information, I lost my virginity to the Kick album. "Devil Inside" and "Never Tear Us Apart" take on whole new meanings.

Anyway, congrats to the band and JD. I am so looking forward to the new album and seeing you on tour!

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