WhiteHouse rejects lawmakers' call for Iraq pullout

Basically this article is talking about a proposed congressional resolution (led by a Republican no less) that calls for an Iraqi U.S. troop withdrawal deadline. They talk about waning support for the war, and how polls are showing that Americans are increasingly against the war.

But, it’s this quote from the story that pisses me off:

At the Pentagon, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. James Conway, director of operations for the military’s Joint Staff, also did not support any deadline and expressed disappointment over opinion polls showing waning American support for the U.S. presence in Iraq.

“We would like, I believe, to try to reverse those figures and start the trend back in the other direction, because it’s extremely important to the soldier and the Marine, the airman and the sailor over there to know that their country is behind them,” Conway said.

Um, FUCK YOU Conway. I AM behind the Airman, I AM behind the Marine, and I AM behind the Sailor. I have family and friends over there. I support THEM and the other soldiers to the fullest. I don’t support the WAR you fucking jackoff. For you (and those like you) to twist our disapproval of the war into not backing the troops is deplorable.

For the record. I supported us when we first went in. And I’m glad that Saddam is gone. But, there have been too many lies and too much bloodshed for me to continue to support this crap. I love this country and I respect and admire those soldiers, let’s bring them home. I want my family and my friends and every other soldier back safe. They deserve it.