Drop it like it’s hot…

I dunno about everyone else, but Jen and I have our Top Five list. If you watched Friends, you know what I’m talking about. It’s a list of five celebrities, that if the opportunity ever arose, you could sleep with them without penalty. Basically, if I met up with one of the five women on my list at a hotel bar, and they welcomed me back to their room, I could go with Jen’s blessing.

Currently, my list looks like this (in no particular order)

Unfortunately, I may have to remove Katie Holmes from my list, as she seems to be turning into a whack-job. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still as gorgeous as ever, but there is something creepy about her Scientology-induced ways now. She used to be kind of quiet and reserved. You barely ever saw her macking on her previous boyfriend of five years (Chris Klien) in public. Now, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing her sucking Tom Cruise’s face off.

I get it, she was private and reserved for so long, and now she’s with her childhood crush, she’s bound to go a little wild. But c’mon, this is a little ridiculous. I also don’t blame Tom, hell no. I would be jumping into that with both feet too, but he’s seemed to go off the deep end a little as well. They’ve only known each other for six weeks, and they are SO in love… eeek.

Anyway, the creepiness of it all means I’m pulling dear Katie from the top five. Not quite sure who I should replace her with yet. Maybe Jessica Alba, maybe Anna Nalick (GORGEOUS girl who wrote a phenominal album) Hmmm, who else? Kelly Rowan from the O.C.? She is by far the sexiest woman on that show, despite the younger generation of hotties… I dunno. Anyway, give me your suggestions, and even though this topic has been covered in our corner of the blogosphere before, add your Five Freebies to the discussion.

Bye Katie. I’m gonna miss ya 🙁