Google Enterprise Desktop hosed my machine

Well, I had high hopes for the Google Enterprise Desktop search product. This is a local search engine to index all of your local files INCLUDING Lotus Notes email.

I originally installed it at the end of a day and let it index overnight. Seemed to work fine after that, and search results were very good. I was pretty stoked that I finally could use one search to find all the files on my machine. Then, everything kinda went to hell.

A couple days after the initial install, my system slowed to a crawl. Simple things like clicking a link would pause 2-3 seconds before anything happened. I virus scanned, I spyware scanned, I defragged, I rebooted. All to no avail. So I decided to uninstall Google Desktop. When I did, everything once again worked like a champ. My Thinkpad was back to it’s old zippy chipper self. I have a T42 with 1 GB of RAM, and this thing rocks. So I was pretty surprised the the Google Desktop caused so many problems for me. A co-worker seemed to not have any issues with his machine, so maybe it was a fluke, but I just wanted y’all to be aware that if your machine slows to a crawl after installing it, you know why.