WSE Redbook Draft Available

For those of you toiling away in Workplace Services Express hell like myself, Lotus has posted a draft of the RedBook here. 546 pages of instructions as a matter of fact. Maybe it can help you out. Me, I think I’m just waiting for 2.5 to hit before I waste any more of my time. Anyway, it says that the publication of this is slated for June 30th, so is that when 2.5 will be released perhaps?

UPDATE: A couple of quick hits. There’s an appendix that shows the changes in 2.5.

  • First off, there is no longer a Workplace Server thread, they’ve moved all the functionality into the Webphere portal thread. Nice.
  • You can now use an external database. DB2 UDB Express, MS SQL Server Enterprise 2000 SP3, DB2 for iSeries, or Cloudscape.
  • Says there is full Mozilla and Firefox support
  • Installation will detect a previous version and upgrade it (didn’t do that before)
  • They’ve actually added a real Windows Service to allow auto start-up of the server.

It still looks like connecting to Domino LDAP will be a royal pain in the ass. But at least they’ve made SOME improvements above.