Another Workplace Services Express Tidbit

From a Workplace Services Express 2.0 training course:

As a general guideline, this release can host up to 750 registered users with up to 75 concurrent users, including up to 15 team spaces. The number of concurrent users and which capabilities of Workplace Services Express are being utilized affect the workload sizing for a server. Consult your IBM representative or business partner regarding your specific requirements.

This is okay for my company, even though 15 team spaces seems WAY too limiting… We would like to create a teamspace for every customer, and with hundreds of customers, that just isn’t possible. Guess we’ll create one “customers” teamspace with hundreds of folders. And 75 concurrent users, on the behemoth server I built, seems WAY too small. Hopefully those numbers are going ub substantially on 2.5.

I’ll be configuring the WSE 2.0 server today (WITHOUT LDAP authentication) and I’ll let you know anything unusual, or cool I come across.