Good Week to be a Geek

Man, this past week was really awesome to be a geek. First off, the game Guild Wars is launched on Thursday. On Friday, Mac OS 10.4, or Tiger, was released to the public. As luck would have it, our Apple maintenance allowed us at work to get the upgrade, so I was able to install it on Friday. Very Cool. Then on Friday I was able to buy Adobe’s Photoshop CS 2. I’ll talk more about that another time. Not surprisingly, all three of the aforementioned software packages rock their respective universes.

Not content to end there, today I bought the household a Mirra Personal Server. This is a little linux-based network appliance that monitors the folders you tell it to on your Windows machines, and automatically keeps them backed up across the network. No end user intervention is involved. It also allows you to sync those folders to multiple computers on your network and it allows you to securely access any of your files through a web browser across the internet. Very slick, very easy. I’ll probably review this once I’ve used it for awhile too.

Lastly, my tickets came in the mail for Cigar Aficionado’s Big Smoke this Wednesday night in Chicago. Gonna be a fun night. Man, what a good time to be a geek, what a good time to be ME 🙂