It's Ginormous!

The Enormous Omelet SandwichAll I can say is YUM. This is the “Enormous Omelet Sandwich” from Burger King. So many people were bitching about how unhealthy this is, so of course, I just had to have one. It’s really not THAT big.

The stats are wonderous however. 760 Calories, 50 grams of Fat, and 44 grams of Carbs. This is definitely not your Father’s Atkins breakfast sandwich. What I think is so funny are the quotes from health people all over the nation decrying this horrible scourge upon our nations breakfast pastime. I mean c’mon. People can eat whatever they want, they just have to take responsibility for their damn actions. I’ll start. I’m Greyhawk, and I ate the whole thing. I am aware of the consequences in downing such a beast of a sandwich, and I will not blame Burger King or anyone else for the harm that it does to my body. I shall not sue anyone, for that would be silly. I’m Greyhawk, I ate the whole thing, and I’m proud of it!

Pssst… By the way, I’ve already lost 20 pounds since January, so even though I may eat an occasional enormous sandwich, I AM losing weight. Suck on that, health experts.