Thank You Mark Cuban

I just wanted to take this blog entry to thank Mark Cuban for this. Mark is standing up for technological advancement. This MGM vs. Grokster case is not simply about people stealing music. It’s about fair use rights, and the ability for technology to not be stifled by big corporations. Truth be told, I really don’t use P2P software anymore, but I know that this case is important. Important enough that Mark put his money where his mouth is. I am thankful for people like him, because without him little guys the world over would be stomped on.

And try as they might, the RIAA and it’s ilk will not stop people from sharing, even if they destroy P2P. It will simply move back underground, to newsgroups, to private FTP sites, to private P2P like Groove. They need to embrace it, and when they do, they will make a helluva lot more money in the process.

Anyway, thank you Mark Cuban. I applaud your efforts.