Really, blades in your mouth can HURT?

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has an RSS Feed that can keep you up to date on consumer product recalls. It’s really a nice resource, especially for parents who have to keep an eye on children’s toy recalls and such.

Today’s recall of a Black and Decker blender however, has one of the most inane things I have ever read:

Hazard: The blades can weaken or break during use while making frozen beverages. A broken blade presents a risk of injury if taken into the mouth or swallowed.

Holy crap. A broken blade poses an injury risk if I stick it in my mouth or swallow it? What if I jam it in my eye? Man, I guess I better stick to only putting unbroken blades into my mouth for the purpose of swallowing.

The fact that something like that has to be spelled out really makes me wonder about the intelligence of our country.