Bloggers, the next paparazzi?

If you don’t read Mark Cuban’s blog, you need to start. I’ll wait while you add him to your feed reader or bloglines or whatever aggregator is your favorite. Ready? Okay.

Basically, Mark Cuban became a gazillionaire when he sold He was a pioneer and a visionary in online broadcasting. He’s now a pioneer in Hi-Definition television. Basically, if he thinks a trend is going to happen, I believe him.

Now, in this article he talks about how blogging is legitimate, and people should start treating high profile bloggers like traditional media.

Fortunately , there is a way to deal with the paparazzi. There is also a way for the gatekeepers to deal with the bloggers. A simple way.

Recognize them. Give them respect. Celebrities cant keep photographers out of their bushes no matter how hard they try. The gatekeepers wont be able to keep the bloggers out either. Instead they should invite them in.

Somehow, to me, it doesn’t seem like he agrees with Radicati and her proclamation that blogging will die this year. I especially like this quote:

Its payback time . The bloggers are here, and they are ready to knock down the gates and get their pound of flesh. The traditional media has no idea what is about to hit them.

Exactly. Blogging is here to stay. It’s legitimate, and it’s time for people like Sara to realize that.