Super Bowl Suck-Day

Well guess what? I may have succumbed to Morbius Lotuspherius after all. You see, Saturday night I got pretty sick. High fever, nausea, cold shakes (despite sweating a ton) and more. I still felt like hell on Sunday, so we cancelled our annual SuperBowl party. We’ve had this party for at least 10 years, so it really sucked to have to cancel, but I thought I should avoid infecting all of my friends.

So anyway, I watched the game and the damn Patriots won again… Grrrr… At least they got the MVP right and didn’t give it to Brady. I was very impressed with Terrell Owens’ return to the lineup for Philly though. After fracturing a bone and having significant ligament damage, he returned to the lineup in just over 6 weeks, and played beautifully. If McNabb would have played as well, they really could have beaten the Pats… Oh well.

So here it is, Monday afternoon and I’m still recovering. I was up pretty much every hour on the hour last night, and I’ve lost 8 pounds in two days. At least there’s something positive out of this…