Interesting Searches this month

I haven’t done this before because they haven’t been as intertaining as Duffbert’s, but I think I have some contenders this month!

  • rant king nicollette sheridan – I did rant about this, but I’d hardly call myself the king 🙂
  • duffbert phallic java – Yes, it’s sweeping the nation!
  • how to f@$k a lady – This I do know. I have two kids to prove it!
  • how to get e-mail address elisha cuthbert – I’m in a hot and heavy cyber-sex email exchange with her right now as a matter of fact!
  • luddite langhinrichs – Interesting. I would consider Ben ANYTHING but a luddite.
  • hair on jocks butt – Um… hmmmm… May I suggest the Gillette Mach 3 Power.
  • formula for meth – Even though I grew up in Iowa this is not in my core competencies.
  • what content does the burmese python lives on – My guess is that you were wondering what CONTINENT the python lives on. It lives on many continents, including North America. It’s origin should have been the country of Burma, which is now called Myanmar, a republic in Southeast Asia. Now you know.
  • gadget enlightenment – Seek and ye shall find. May I suggest Engadget?
  • john madden sucks – In more ways than I care to go into.