Lightning Strikes Twice

Remember the other day, how I ran into John Cleese and basically said Hi and froze like a fanboy? Well today I was walking between the Swan and Dolphin, and I saw Stephen Wright. (This was after this afternoon’s performance) Well, I got up the nerve to go over and say Hello and talk to him for a bit. He was a really nice guy and spoke EXACTLY like he does on stage 🙂

Pictures are off on the moblog, so go check ’em out.

And, about an hour after meeting him, I was relating the story to the rest of the crew, and lo and behold, Stephen went walking through the Dolphin. So, at that point Bruce, Gayle and Jess got to meet him. It was very cool. I didn’t want to seem like a stalker so I didn’t head over again, so I’ll have to get the story of how things went from them later!

Meeting a couple of my favorite comedians in one week. Absolutely excellent! Um, Best. Lotusphere. Ever!