Quick Update

Well the rest of yesterday was okay, there was one really snoozer session on Workplace that I walked out of early, but that gave me time to hit the Product Showcase for another round. A highlight of the day was Richard and Declan’s session on blogs and wiki’s in Domino. Very cool stuff. Of course I knew most of it already, but I was there to support a fellow blogger. Also, IBM already understands the value of blogs, but the fact that the session overflowed to a second room should hammer home that point even more!

I do have to publicly thank Declan though, because it is completely due to him that I know how to program RSS feeds in Domino. I used and dissected his code in Blogsphere a ton, and learned all I need to from it. Thanks Dec.

After the sessions, I hooked up with a lot of the usual suspects last night, and then we headed to a party thrown by Salesplace.com. They rented out the Mission Space ride at Epcot center. So we took the bus, rode the awesome ride twice, grabbed a beer and headed back to the land of Disney. It was a ton of fun.

However, on the way back, the bus driver gave me more motion sickness than the ride itself! Couple that with the wooziness from Mission Space, the beer I had thrown back, and the sauna-like bus conditions, and I was REALLY nausous. I headed back up to the room to try to settle my stomach a bit. When all else failed, I laid down on the bed to try to calm things, and ended up basically crashing. I woke up at 2AM feeling a bit better and realizing that I had missed the fun at Kimono’s. Shame really, as I heard it was quite the awesome time. Tonight after Universal I will be there, I swear. Kristina at ZipLip still owes me a duet!

This morning I hit Ed and Libby’s session on Selling Notes in your organization, and I got up and publically committed to something that got pretty good applause from the crowd. More on that later.

Now? Off to the Blogger BOF 🙂