Admin Client Upgrades look cool

Since I’m an admin first and a developer second, I always like to see what’s going on in the Admin client realm. Well I just got out of the “What’s New” in the admin client session, and things look good.

There will be a full web admin client on Linux/Mozilla which finally accomplished an end-to-end Linux solution on Domino. It looks as good as the Win32 client and definitely proves IBM/Lotus’ committment to Linux. Bravo.

In addition, there are more policy options available to us admins. You can now create mail and calendaring preference configs via policy docs, and you can now LOCK all policy docs so users cannot change them back. It even shows this graphically on the users machine. Preferences that are locked will either be grayed out or will have a padlock icon next to them. Excellent stuff.

Smart Upgrades get a facelift as well. You can limit how many upgrades happen per hour, and you get a lot more granular control over how the downloads and installs work out. Should make a good feature better.

Last big thing was Domino Domain Monitoring, an all-inclusive reporting database that really grabs all the reporting data you need on the health of your servers and puts it at your fingertips. This one is a biggie, but they didn’t go very in-depth. There’s a full session dedicated to DDM so I look forward to hitting that and letting you all know what’s up.

Time to hit the product showcase before I head to the Workplace Designer session. I can’t wait to see a giddy Maureen Leeland on stage!