Collaboration is PEOPLE!

I wanted to mirror what Bruce and Julian have said this past week. We are all Notes geeks. We have a bond that really surfaces during Lotusphere. This is the place where you DON’T have to feel awkward, you DON’T have to defend your technology or career decision, you DON’T have to feel alone.

To further that, please feel free to come up and say HI. Don’t be afraid to approach me or any of the other bloggers for that matter. We’re all pretty nice people, and we’re no different from you, we just happen to write on the web.

I, much like Bruce, spent my first few Lotusphere experiences basically hanging out by myself. I went to sessions, ate lunch without really talking to people, and never did anything after the sessions were over. I just went back to my room. That all changed a couple of years ago.

You see, I decided that I wanted to make an effort to meet the other wonderful people who were using Lotus technology. I wasn’t content to hang on the sidelines. So, I made my first trip to the Gonzo Lotusphere party. If you haven’t read the site, do so. Turtle is the ultimate Lotusphere veteran and his tips and the forums there are invaluable. The party is a great way to get your feet wet.

Anyway, after starting to meet people, I realized that I was missing a LOT of what Lotusphere has to offer. Sessions were more fun when I went with people, lunch became impromptu brainstorming sessions, the parties were more enjoyable. Suddenly my evenings were all full, and I had made some wonderful friends and contacts.

I really understand the power of collaboration now. It’s not given to us by software, nor by a vendor, it is what WE make of it. Please, collaborate. You’ll be glad you did.