Y2K Five Year Anniversary

It’s interesting to think that it’s been five years since the whole Y2K scare. 5 years ago today, I was on call in case anything blew up communications wise at work. We also had a data center full of techs (network jocks, help desk guys, system admins) that were on 12 hour rotating shifts leading up to and after New Year’s.

What a bunch of hype over nothing huh? We can say that now, but I remember everyone stocking up back then. I even had some food and supplies stockpiled just in case. Figured you couldn’t be too careful. Then Y2K showed up as barely a blip on the radar… All the hype and money over basically nothing. Guess that will happen all over again during Y10K 🙂

Back then the dot com bubble hadn’t burst yet either. I remember getting several calls a WEEK from recruiters trying to get me to come on board. Quite a difference from this past March when I found myself unemployed. Man, the excess in spending and investing back in 1999 was insane. Glad I didn’t happen aboard one of the doomed franshises of the time.

So, where were you at Y2K? Or were you just partying like it was 1999?