Sir Slurpsalot Silverbear lives!

About nine years ago, our young Keeshond puppy Shadow mated with our older female named (not so cleverly) Keesha. Anyway, a litter of seven puppies was produced, and we sold most and gave away one to my best friend Mike.

At that point we had two pups left. Slurpy and Fridge. They got the goofy names because in the litter we wanted to call them something to differentiate the pups from each other. Anyway, Mike’s Dad really liked Mike’s dog, and said he would take one of the pups. Slurpy was my favorite, so we took Fridge over to visit, and left him with Mike’s Dad for about 30 minutes.

Well, that experiment was a failure. Fridge hid under their bed crying for the entire time, and when we came to check on him, he literally leapt into my wife’s arms. Fridge was our dog, there was no denying that now.

It was hard for me, but I knew we didn’t want 4 dogs in the house, and I knew Mike’s Dad would give Slurp a wonderful home, so the next day we took Slurpy there and he fell in love with them. It was settled, my pup would go to Mike’s Mom and Dad.

A couple of days ago Slurp was either abducted, or thwarted an attempted theft. No one is quite sure which at this point, but he was found, and despite some damage, is doing well. You can read the whole tale over at Mike’s.

Slurp’s papers have him named as Sir Slurpsalot Silverbear, thus the title. Glad you made it little guy!