A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Self Induced Bath Yes, this is a picture of my one year old daughter hanging out in the toilet. You see, my eldest daughter has gotten really good with her potty training, and she goes to the bathroom on her own all the time. This photo is evidence of what happens when she forgets to close the door.

For some reason, Claire makes a beeline for that bathroom whenever she can. And now that she’s walking, she is getting into all SORTS of things. The girls play together so nice in their rooms, but leave them alone too long, and this is what happens.

Of course, instead of getting her out immediately, the wife had to grab the camera. Have to save these special moments to show to boyfriends when they are teenagers! 🙂

FYI, the dark purple spot on the side of Claire’s head is not from some toilet-induced trauma. It’s from her laser treatments to remove her birthmark. We just had another one last week, and she came through great. This one really bruised up, but is almost gone as of today. The healing is pretty amazing. Anyway, carry on.