Using Notes Documentation and Open Source

Hey folks, does anyone out there have some good FREE documentation on using the Notes 6.5 client? Basically a primer for new users who have never touched Notes before? Or better yet, for people converting from Outlook?

I thought Lotus used to have a nice “Using Notes Primer” document for R5, but I cannot find anything for ND6. If you’ve created anything you don’t mind me using, I would appreciate a copy. It can be for any version ND6 on up.

I have a hard time paying for a simple this-is-how-you-use-email-and-calendar primer, so many of these “Using Notes” books are out. And this is something I could take a few days and create myself, but why expend the energy if someone else has already done all the dirty work.

This begs the question, why don’t we do something like this as an Open Source document? Having a “Using Notes” or a “Notes for Outlook Users” document housed at OpenNTF would seem like a natural fit. I’m sure almost all of us could have used that type of document at one time or another.