Why Lotus Notes is great stuff!

Ed posted about a remark over at Scobleizer. Basically, there has been a lot of talk about online community, and Ed mentioned Scoble, and Scoble responded. But he said one thing that was interesting:

Like your blog too, although I don’t understand people who think Lotus Notes is great stuff.

Obviously Robert needs an education 🙂 I’ve already posted, and you should too. Just be nice!

For those of you that don’t want to take the trek over to his site, my comments were as follows:

Hello there. The reason many of us think that Lotus Notes and Domino are “great stuff” is because of two primary things. Choice and Security.

I can run Domino on multiple flavors of unix, linux and windows. The Notes client can also run on the Mac as well as Windows. This gives me far more deployment options without being completely tied to one vendor.

The second major component is security. While I commend MS for making security strides, Notes has always been a far more secure email client than Outlook.

Even outside the two major points, Domino has a RAD environment built-in (with all of the inherent security stated above.) This allows quick, easy and secure collaboration out of the box. No need for 3 or 4 more servers and various CAL’s to accomplish the application side of things.

Notes and Domino are indeed ‘great stuff.’