Shit flows downhill Redux

Well my septic system was having problems again this past weekend, so we had the line from our house to our septic tank replaced. The initial idiots we hired to do the job 6 years ago actually had the tubes going UPHILL! Gee, I wonder why we were having problems?

You see, back then, we hired a group of brothers who were just starting their own plumbing business. Well they were SO bad, that we told them to get out before they were finished, and withheld over a thousand dollars in payments. On Monday the checkbook got hit for $1200 more which can be directly attributed to these morons.

Luckily the new plumber (who is EXCELLENT by the way) took pity on us and ONLY charged us that. I have a feeling that what we got could have cost a lot more. So anyway, now I can freely flush more than money down the toilet again.

Moral of the story: No matter what, never hire “new” plumbers and shit STILL flows down hill.