My Dad the Cowboy

Today, my father and his friend will finish driving his horse-drawn covered wagon to Des Moines, IA from Fairfield, IA. This is part of the Iowa State Fair’s Sesquicentennial anniversary celebration. He’s not alone, hundreds of riders and horses made the trek for its second-ever Horse Caravan.

In 1954, the first horse caravan commemorated the centennial anniversary, and this week, the riders held the 112 mile event for the second time. Dad is pretty thrilled to be a part of it. You see, I grew up in rural northeastern Iowa. My parents still reside there, and they have four horses of their own. Strange that this high-tech gadget freak came from farmlands huh?

Anyway, Dad didn’t quite have his driving team ready for the trip, so they took his friend’s horses with my dad’s wagon instead. Everything has gone well, and today himself and all of the other riders will start the Iowa State Fair with their parade of horses. It’s a pretty cool once-in-a-lifetime type event, and I’m really glad my Dad got to go, and I’m very proud of the work he put into it. Congrats Dad!