Is Technology Eroding our Memories?

I was programming my cell phone the other day, and I came to the realization that I know about three total phone numbers by heart. You see, I enter all of my phone numbers into the phone’s address book, and I NEVER dial a number.

The phone has voice dialing, so I programmed everyone with a voice dial profile. So all I do is hit a button and say someone’s name and it dials the phone for me. As such, I don’t know my work numbers, my families numbers, my best friends numbers, nothing. If the cell were to die, I would be screwed.

I used to be able to remember phone numbers without a problem. It came from the repetition of dialing them constantly. Due to the wonders of technology, I’m now an idiot!

It’s not just that, simple math is now sometimes hard without a calculator. I used to be on the math team for christ’s sake. As much as I love technology, I wonder what would happen to me sometimes if we were all suddenly without power and none of our gadgets worked any more.

I guess I need to take responsibility for my actions. It’s not the tech that destroys basic functions, it’s atrophy through non-use.

Does that mean I’m giving up voice dial? Oh hell no! There are some things I can give up in the name of science! 🙂