Doom 3

Doom 3 is the latest computer game from id Software. id basically created the first-person shooter 3D genre with its introduction of the original Doom. Okay, I wasn’t sure if it would live up to the hype, but I’m here to tell you that it does.

You see, this game has been a long time coming, and with each delay, I just kept thinking that it really wasn’t going to live up to all the anticipation. Man was I wrong. This game is pretty much amazing.

The visuals are the best ever seen in a game, period. Add to that a dark, moody, evil atmosphere, as well as one of the most frightening soundtracks I’ve ever heard.

To put it in perspective, I was home alone last night playing the game, in the dark with the sound cranked. I physically jumped on several occasions. This game SCARED me, continually. Then thunderstorms started outside, and I had bouts with flickering lights and roaring thunder. It didn’t exactly settle my nerves any. I just got shivers typing this.

The story of Doom3 is that we’ve colonized Mars, and a corporation there is doing some covert research. The research ends up opening a portal to Hell and demons start pouring in and attacking. Also, the energy converts half the population into zombies, and many of the dead rise to join in the fray. All the while you are a lone marine trying to get back to your squad.

So far I’ve been in underground facilities with sketchy power. Lights constantly flicker on and off (much like during the thunderstorms here) and I’ve spent a lot of time bracing myself for what’s around the next corner. And trust me, it’s never pleasant.

This game is rated M for mature, which means no one under 17 should play it. The brutal violence and gore is INCREDIBLY detailed, and the most realistic ever seen on a computer monitor. You can take corpses and pump bullets into them and see flesh tear off until there is really only a bloody mess of bones left on the floor.

This is a must-have for any serious PC gamer. Be aware though that the system specs for this thing are very steep. You may find yourself needing several PC upgrades just to run the game in its lowest modes. Now if you have a high-end rig, you’ll finally be able to push it to its limits.

Rejoice gamers, Doom 3 has arrived and it’s every bit as good and evil as we had hoped.