Ban pregnant Hooters girls now!

Over this past weekend, my wife and I took the girls to Hooters for supper one day. Contrary to popular belief, Hooters seems to be very family friendly. It’s loud, has lots of TV’s, and has lots of things adorning the walls and ceilings to keep little kids entertained.

Now that’s for the kids. For the adult males, it has waitresses in skimpy shorts with ample cleavage to ogle at while you are waiting for your meal. That’s kind of the whole point of Hooters. Many men go there just for the scenery.

While I DO enjoy the scenery and take in as much as I can, the main reason I go is that I LOVE their Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. I know you are thinking “Yeah right!” but it’s true. If Hooters had crappy food, I wouldn’t go there.

But since I do, I expect to see some good looking females with nice bodies. Hey, I’m unapologetically a man. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I saw a VERY pregnant waitress. It just didn’t “fit.”

Now this isn’t the first time I saw a pregnant woman waitressing at Hooters. I saw a different pregnant girl at another restaurant about a month ago. My question is, “Should we really allow pregnant Hooters waitresses?” What’s next, pregnant strippers?*

I’m not saying the women should be fired, but couldn’t they be moved into a different position? Aesthetics aside, should a pregnant woman be on her feet all day like that?

I dressed as a Hooter’s waitress for Halloween a couple of years ago, and given my beer gut (that makes me look like I’m in my 73rd trimester) I looked like a pregnant Hooters girl, and the results were NOT pretty. The result is the same in person. Many women can look beautiful while pregnant, but not many can do so in tight orange shorts.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, we must ban together to fight the pregnant Hooters girl scourge that threatens the fabric of this nation.

*Okay, I realize that there is an entire fetish devoted to naked pregnant chicks, I just don’t wanna see it!