I'm employed once again!

Well folks as of today, I’ve accepted a job as a Notes Admin/Developer for a large exhibit design vendor. It took a lot longer than expected, and pays a lot less than I made before, but I’m really excited about the opportunity. This place knows the value of Notes/Domino and is expanding on it. My new boss just GETS it. And even though I’m working in IT, it’s no longer for an IT company, so I shouldn’t have to be worrying about layoffs any time soon.

I want to say thanks to a few people: Bruce Elgort, Tom Duff and John Vaughn. First to Bruce for always being optimistic in every IM and email session we’ve had. Whenever I was bummed about the layoff, you always made me feel better. Tom, thanks for all of the advice and good words too. Hearing about your Enron experience made this seem tame by comparison. Thanks for making me feel better about things.

Finally, to jonvon. Man, you have to have been the biggest boost to me through this entire ordeal. The emails, posts on my comments, and IM’s really helped. Whenever I was feeling really down I’d get something from you that perked me up. Thank you so much. I really feel very blessed to have some good friends in this Domino community.

Lastly, I have to thank my wife, who put up with my crap every day. I know we’re both happy I’m going back to work, but I’ll miss being able to spend every day with you and the kids…