Digital Rebel Hacks and Information

It’s been awhile since I published some good information on digital photography or the Digital Rebel, so I thought today that I would throw out some good links pertaining to my camera, the Canon Digital Rebel.

First of all, the Rebel was kind of a watered down version of the 10D, another digital SLR from Canon. The 10D basically had some advanced features like Mirror Lock Up (MLU), Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC), ISO 3200 and more.

Well, due to an enterprising hacker in Russia, the firmware for the Canon Rebel has been hacked to enable many of the features that were previously lacking. Basically you have to flash the firmware of your camera to the hacked version, but then you get the extra features and functionality. This lends tremendous credence to the thought all along that Canon just dumbed down the Rebel in order to not cannibalize sales of the 10D. Well folks, looks like you can save the money now and use the hacked firmware instead.

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