Stop supporting the Girl Scouts?

Okay, now this story makes me understand why Bush is such an idiot when it comes to gay marriage. Basically, people in Texas that live in the town where Bush has his ranch are boycotting the Girl Scouts of America. Why you ask? Well it’s simple, the Girl Scout organization there supported Planned Parenthood.

OH MY GOD! We must punish the girl scouts for THAT! You see, the Girl Scouts had given a “woman of distinction” award to a Planned Parenthood executive. They had also given its endorsement to a sexual education program “in which girls and boys are given literature on homosexuality, masturbation and condoms.” So even though the Girl Scouts themselves never taught these things or brought any of it into their organization, people in Texas are pulling their children and disbanding groups. I just don’t get it.

Here’s one woman that was a Brownie leader:

“You’re telling these girls to raise their fingers up to pledge to honor God and country, and yet you’re handing out materials saying homosexuality is OK,” said Brownie leader Donna Coody, who disbanded her five-member troop.

Okay, this woman was a Brownie leader and yet she never saw any of this until one nutcase complained. It’s not like the organization was going to her and saying she should do this. It’s a prefect example of idiocy in this country.

For one thing, if any of these people think that their kids aren’t going to have sex, they are completely misguided. Kids should have real, decent info on these things instead of hiding everything away. I guarantee you that an uneducated kid runs a WAY higher risk of STD’s and pregnancy, no matter WHAT your religion preaches. Secondly, don’t blame the Girl Scouts when you didn’t even KNOW that they were doing anything you disliked. None of their politics crept into your Brownie troop, so let it go already.

This is where Bush comes from. Explains a lot on his gay marriage stance!