Blogsphere suggestions

If you didn’t know, many of us in this community use the Blogsphere template. Declan and the other chefs have done an amazing job with this app, and my hats are off to them. Right now I’m patiently waiting for Dec to release the next version. Then I want to work on adding some functionality.

This first one is a request I’ve put into Open NTF for an enhancement to Blogsphere. I would like to see us be able to automatically generate RSS feeds based on the Category of the post. It would be great if you could have a category doc where you could choose whether or not to create an RSS for that category. I think this would be helpful for us in the blogging community. Mainly because many of us blog about a myriad of topics including personal issues. If a reader is only interested in posts about Domino, then all they would have to do is subscribe to the Domino feed. Then they only get that info.

To further that thought, maybe we could get many of the Domino bloggers to agree on one standard Domino category. That way, no matter what Blogsphere blog you go to, you know that it would have a Domino RSS feed. Maybe that kind of standarization is too much of a pipe dream, but it would be cool.

Hopefully someone will pick that up and run with it. It would probably be easiest for the chef who already created the RSS feed function in Blogsphere to add this. If not, I might TRY to tackle it sometime in the future as I think it’s a worthy feature.

So why wouldn’t I do it now? Well because I’m working on some other additions that I would like to see in the template. I basically want to add an RSS graphic next to everyone in the blogroll that has a feed with a link to the feed itself. I then want to have it automatically create an OPML file dynamically. I want to make this easy for a non-techie to accomplish. So hopefully you will see that from me first.