Lotusphere 2004 Pictures

Well I finally had time to sit down and sort out some of my photos. I uploaded them to Ofoto.com. I have most of the ones I was going to post except the Patrick Stewart and Ambuj Goyal photos. Those are all in Canon RAW format and I was too lazy to convert them to JPEG for the upload. I’ll hopefully get to it in a few days or so. Anyway, you can get to the album here. If you have an Ofoto account already, all you have to do is sign in. If you don’t you can sign up for free. It’s a decent service, run by Kodak, and very unobtrusive (i.e. I get no spam from them.) Anyway, if for some reason you don’t want to sign up and still want to see the pics. Let me know.

Also, I was so busy taking pictures of other people that I really got none of myself with anyone. So, if you guys have any that you don’t mind me having let me know where I can download them, or I’ll give you an email address so you can send them to me. Thanks!