I BOFFED and Best session yet

Last night was the OpenNTF BOF. For the uneducated, a BOF is a Birds Of a Feather session. Basically it’s gathering of like-minded geeks to talk about a specific topic. The topic of the OpenNTF one was obviously the open source Domino community. Bruce did a great hosting job, and Declan was a reluctant speaker that also did very well talking about the Blogsphere template. In all it was a very good time, and it’s nice to see the open source movement gaining steam.

Today I went and saw Newbs CSS for Domino session. First of all, I’m really starting to learn the ins and outs of CSS, and seeing it in the Domino context was cool. Also, the information that he gave us on CSS in general was very helpful. Add that to the fact that obviously Henry is a very good and comfortable speaker. He had an ease and a humor that made the session flow very well. Plus he uses Dreamweaver which makes him okay in my book.

Unfortunately the Adding Presence Awareness to Business Apps session that I’m sitting in this moment is the same retread that I’ve seen before. Add to that some pretty thick accents, and we’ve got ourselves a lackluster one. I guess that every session can’t be as good as Henry’s…