It’s Lotusphere Time!

Well I arrived in Orlando this morning for Lotusphere. It wasn’t easy. Having to get up at 4AM to get to the plane. Then the damn flight was delayed AN HOUR, and this was after we had everyone on the plane 10 minutes early. They said they were waiting for the paperwork, but you would think they would anticipate something like that. Anyway, got to the airport and luckily the limo guy hadn’t bolted. Found him and then headed for baggage claim. They had broken one piece of my luggage, and the rest came off the plane DEAD LAST. So basically in addition to the one hour plane delay, I had nearly a one hour baggage delay.

At least I’m here now, the weather is gorgeous (and I left 3 inches of snow and single digit temps back home) and I’m looking forward to learning a ton. I’ve already run into Bruce Elgort and Tom Duff too. They’re rooming together at this Sphere, and Bruce made the quote that “Tom is taking Gayle’s place this Lotusphere.” Gee Tom, how exactly ARE you paying for this room? 😉