Penny Arcade and Child's Play

I read some online comics, and one of my favorites is Penny Arcade. Tycho and Gabe put together a really funny strip that emulates a lot of the stuff I see in the world as a gaming enthusiast. They did something this holiday season that really deserves mentioning. They did a toy drive for the Seattle Children’s Hospital and they called it Child’s Play. They set up a huge Amazon wishlist and then asked their readership to buy items on the list or donate money to the cause. For one, the guys wanted to do something nice. For two, they wanted to prove that our gaming pastime does not create monsters that cannot function in society.

A lot has been made lately that certain games like Grand Theft Auto cause people to do things like kill in real life. It’s a ludicrous thought. I’m sorry. If someone cannot distinguish fantasy from reality then anything can send them over the edge. NOT just games. Games are not evil, and the overwhelming majority of gamers are decent, giving human beings.

This was evidenced by Child’s Play. Their drive netted over $175,000 worth of toys and gamer gear, and nearly $28,000 in cash. All of this went to the Seattle Children’s Hospital where it will make a huge difference for the kids having to be in treatment, or waiting for their family in treatment. To see how much it does matter, please check out the email from one of the Dads that were unfortunate enough to have children in treatment.

This made me proud to be a gamer!