TiVo Series 2 Java Home Media Option

As I’ve noticed in the Domino Community before, a LOT of us own a TiVo or two. So I wanted to share something very cool I just started using. First, some background.

If you have a Series 2 standalone TiVo you can get what is called Home Media Option. For a fee you can download software to your TiVo to allow you to view pictures, listen to MP3’s and share programs between TiVo units. It comes with some client software that you install to configure a TiVo Server. This server runs on whatever machine you want to serve up pictures and MP3’s. It’s fairly basic, but does a good job and is a nice way to view pictures and music on your TV.

Well, some folks have come out with a Java TiVo Server called JavaHMO. It does the above, but includes quite a bit more. You can download and view weather, movie times, shoutcast radio streams, internet picture libraries, playlists and more. Best of all, it’s an open-source effort and completely free. If you have a Series 2 TiVo with HMO, do yourself a favor and check out JavaHMO. It’s a huge step up from the software TiVo gives you.