How connected are you?

As I sat here in the hospital today, I was able to use my Sidekick to check email, chat live with folks on AOL Instant Messenger, and even read blogs.  It then occurred to me that I am a very ‘connected’ person.  Wherever there is GPRS signal, I have access to pretty much everything as well as I do by my desk.  I remember that it wasn’t so long ago that all of my family didn’t even have cell phones, now I can’t get away from data.

I actually think it’s a pretty good thing for the most part.  How about you?

Also, for an update, Claire is doing much better.  All of the tests that have come back so far have been negative, as has the chest x-ray.  Her temp has slowly subsided too, and that’s good, because if she would have gone over 101 again, they would have done a spinal tap…  That’s not something any of us wanted to see.   Hopefully tomorrow morning the doctor will see her and let her go home.  We can only hope.