Partnerships and Software

First, thanks for all the well wishes folks.  Life has been good.  My daughter is doing great and we’re getting a LITTLE more sleep now.  Anyway, it’s been a week really devoid of tech for me.  It’s kinda been like tech rehab for me!  But, recently I’ve been working on something that makes me wonder about some things about PartnerWorld for Software at Lotus.

You see, in addition to working as the Manager of Groupware Services for a global telecom company, I have my own side business.  I’m sure many of you do as well.  Basically I’m a consultant that helps with internet technologies for small businesses.  I don’t do a lot of work, but it’s nice for the extra money and experience each year.

Well a couple of weeks ago a got an email to see if I wanted to become a Microsoft partner.  I know what you’re thinking.  Why would I consider becoming a Microsoft partner?  Well, the answer simply is that I think Microsoft makes some good software, and when I’m consulting I deal with MS software all the time.  Granted, I hate some MS Software such as Exchange, or their messy HTML conversion, but for the most part, MS is a good company if you ignore their FUD.

That being said, there was another reason to become a partner.  The software package.  What I’m speaking of is a package of software including licenses for most all of the latest Windows products.  XP, Office, W2K3 Server, the whole lot.  Most of these included 10 CAL’s as well.  The software is for internal use only to run your business and demo products.  The cost, $299.  Yes, three hundred dollars.

After seeing this, I started to wonder about PartnerWorld for Software.  That subscription is $2000, and doesn’t seem to cover as much other than quick access to the software.  I would think that IBM would be able to match those prices if not do it cheaper.  Hell, I’d love to be able to partner as a very small business without the 2K outlay.  All I know is that what Microsoft is doing is going to work.  I’m going to see a lot of the MS products installed at my business soon…