Did Apple screw up with iTunes?

I know that your overwhelming answer will be no to this, but I was thinking about it today. By releasing iTunes for Windows, Apple just gave me one less reason to ever buy a Mac. I’m a hard core PC guy, so I’ll never “switch” per se, but for a long time I’ve considered buying an Apple computer to augment my computing at home. I do like the elegance of the machines, but I REALLY wanted something that would work perfectly with an iPod.

Now I know that you could use an iPod with a PC before, but by all accounts it wasn’t nearly the seamless experience it is with iTunes. So for awhile, I had kind of lusted after a Mac, mainly for the purpose of digital music, as well as buying music digitally through the iTunes music store.

Now if you’ve been reading the meanderings, you know that I have pretty much despised all of the attempts the music industry has made at selling music online. Most of the time it is far too restrictive. Out of all of them, I always thought that iTunes was the best. It has the least restrictions with the most quality. Because of this, I’ve really wanted a Mac. Once again, now I don’t need one. Apple came to me!

So do you think this has happened to anyone else out there? Do you think iTunes being released might keep people away? Also, for those Mac faithful out there, “Why should I get one?” What are the additional reasons I should pick up a Mac. Convince me folks…