The latest object of my technolust

I’ve been a digital camera enthusiast for over five years now, and I’ve kept upgrading cameras along the way. Our household currently has a Canon Powershot G2 as well as a Powershot S400

I haven’t shot on film in that entire time, and sometimes I really miss the features, control and feel of a true SLR camera. Well now that can all change with the release of the Canon EOS Digital Rebel.  This baby sports a 6.3 megapixel sensor, is compatible with over 50 Canon lenses (as well as third party lenses) and is at a list price of $999. Now many people might think that a thousand dollar camera is too much, but I guarantee you that this thing will fly off the shelves at that price. 1K for a digital SLR is unheard of, and is a huge win for Canon.

I’m hoping to pick one up soon, and if I do, I’ll report back with my findings.

In the meantime, do any of you dabble in digital photography? What are you currently using? Discuss!