Entering the land of LCD

Okay, so I didn’t hit the gym yesterday, but I did go today instead. I do have to say that I like going in the morning a lot. I’ll have to keep this up. Maybe I’ll get to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing soon. Hopefully my upper body will be able to take it, as it’s the most sore right now.

Well today I made the jump to a flat panel LCD screen for my office at home. The prices have finally come down enough to make them affordable, and a $100 rebate and 18 months no interest didn’t hurt either! LCD’s aren’t supposed to be great for gaming, but I’ll check it out later tonight once I actually do the full install. I also play NWN with the guys tonight, so I’ll try it out there too…

The great thing about LCD’s is that they cut down on eye strain and can generally do a better job of photo and color reproduction. Also it doesn’t give off heat like CRT’s do, and it takes up FAR less desk space. That’s a winner in my book. I’ll let you know how it turns out.