The 2014 Greyhawk Recap

Okay, I completely sucked on my resolutions this past year.  Lose Weight?  HA!  Have fun with photography?  Nope.  Learn More? Not enough.  Put some reviews on the blog?  Two.

Did I keep a good work/life balance?  There I think I did pretty well.  I didn’t let work consume me to the point where I would sacrifice the family.  And since that was really the most important resolution, I think things went well.

So 2014 in general for ME was okay, even though I didn’t do anything resolution wise.  However 2014 sucked for humanity in general.

  • A friend of mind and a brilliant mind committed suicide.
  • One of my childhood icons committed suicide.
  • Gamergate raised a level of misogyny online that made me embarrassed to be called a gamer
  • The Israeli/Palestinian conflict caused immeasurable suffering
  • Ferguson Missouri, NYC, Ohio and more proved that it’s hard to get rid of bad cops, and that race is still a very big issue in America
  • Execution of police officers in NYC in retaliation for the above just answered injustice with murder.

All of these horrible things made 2014 one of the worst years in recent memory.  I’m glad for it to be over, and for the world to heal a little.  Be kind to one another everyone.  Let’s pledge to do better in 2015.