Smelling my roses

What a wonderful weekend this has been.

I started off Friday night hanging at a cigar event with a good buddy. It’s always nice to hang out with friends, and it’s always so relaxing in a setting like that. I need to continue to make time for those types of nights.

On Saturday, my eldest had dance practice and afterwards we went out as a family for sushi, one of my favorite meals. We had a nice afternoon, and then in the evening the wife and I rented a movie from one of my favorite directors. It was another nice relaxing evening.

Well this morning, the girls let us sleep in a bit, and then my youngest woke us up. She lead us into the living room where she had set up breakfast for us. Waffles and coffee made to perfection. We had a wonderful family breakfast, and then all hung out in the living room doing various projects.

Before lunch I headed out to our deck and lit up a nice cigar. The sun was shining, it was a perfect 68 degrees, nice breeze. I checked Twitter and Facebook on the iPad while listening to music and enjoying the calm.

We had a nice family lunch, and then lounged around watching some TV. The youngest headed off to gymnastics practice, and here I am back on the deck. I have a cigar on one side of me and a pumpkin spice coffee on the other. Music once again floats by on a beautiful breeze as the sun warms my face. It really cannot get much better.

This is Labor Day weekend here in the States which is a national holiday commemorating all the hard work people put in all year. It’s a time to relax and enjoy life a bit, and I’m trying to do just that.

I’ve been insanely busy at work as of late, so this weekend was just the thing I needed to recharge a bit. In addition, I’m using it to realize how very lucky I am.

I have a great, supportive, beautiful, caring wife. I have two highly intelligent, motivated, loving children. We all have our health. I have a job I truly love with employees of mine I trust and enjoy working with. I have a few good close friends whom I care deeply about. I have a place I live that is truly a home, with history, and quirks and all. I have the dog at my side, and I have a smile on my face.

Sometimes you have to stop and take stock of all the good things. I’m stopping to smell those roses right now.

Here’s wishing you all the same happiness I’m currently enjoying.