Wishes CAN come true

About a year or so ago. The Make-A-Wish foundation granted the wish of a seven year old little girl. This little girl wanted her and her family to go to Disney. Now for those of you that don’t know, Make-A-Wish is a wonderful organization that grants wishes to children who are very sick, many of whom are probably not going to live much longer due to their illness. Well this little girl was stricken with cancer, and she wanted, just for a little while, to enjoy a vacation with her family. She got her wish.

I personally cannot fathom how that was for her parents. They had the joy of seeing their daughter having fun at Disney, but with the knowledge that the trip may be her last, and that they may lose their little girl. It destroys me to even think what that must be like.

Flash forward to last Saturday. My own daughter had her first gymnastics meet ever. She’s been training hard for months, and this was huge for her. She’s just turned seven, and is currently a Level 4 USA Gymnast. Alongside her was one of her her teammates. She looked like any other little girl, ready to compete yet a little nervous.

The difference was that she was now cancer-free.

My daughter’s teammate was also competing in her first-ever gymnastics meet. But for her and her parents, it was a just a little more special. Just a year earlier, she was fighting cancer. Now she simply had to fight to do the perfect round-off flip flop. That’s the way it should be. She did an awesome job, and I could see the joy in her parents eyes. They were emotional, and rightly so, because I’m sure that it was their wish that was granted that day.

My daughter and her teammate did wonderfully, won many medals and their team won first place overall. It was only fitting that it happened at the Make-A-Wish Classic.

Hug your kids today, and realize, that sometimes, wishes can come true.